About the Book

Cure Constipation Now, A Doctor’s Fiber Therapy to Cleanse and Heal:   

If food tastes good, why is there bathroom odor?  Why is this important to your health?  Doctors measure your blood pressure and cholesterol, and they ask about your diet, alcohol and nicotine use.  But, however much attention is paid to what goes into our bodies, little if any attention is given to what goes out.

Americans are thus stuck with among the worst digestive processes because constipation is the most under-diagnosed and poorly managed illness of the modern era. Indeed, reflux, IBS, indigestion and gas are all ailments that often get their start from unrecognized and undertreated constipation.  Crohn’s, ulcerative colitis, sprue and diverticulosis are likewise frequently mismanaged since constipation is seldom considered as part of the illness.  This book also explains why the most common forms of cancer and even Alzheimer’s disease may possibly be delayed in onset or prevented entirely with a high quality fiber diet.

Much of the problem is that people, including physicians, don’t understand that vegetables and whole grain breads generally don’t offer the right type of fiber that your gut needs. Cure Constipation Now also addresses the common misconceptions about normal bowel habits and laxatives.  Here, a safe, easy-to-follow and proven fiber program is discussed, and explains how most people can successfully adapt to a high fiber diet.