I highly recommend this book for physicians and patients

“I highly recommend this book for physicians and patients alike who deal with constipation issues. The book is both informative and yet easy to read.  My own patients have found Dr. Jones’ recommendations to be simple, straight forward, sensitive to cost, and inclusive of brand names.”

Dr. Sigmund Tannenbaum
Alliance Urology Specialists
Greensboro, NC

Doctor Radio/Sirius XM hosted by Dr. Ira Breite

“Monday Jan. 14, 2013 Dr. Wes Jones will be a guest on Doctor Radio/Sirius XM hosted by Dr. Ira Breite, a gastroenterologist at NYU Medical Center.  Subject:  Norovirus and constipation issues.

Note:  this will be Dr. Wes Jones’ 7th appearance as a guest on Doctor Radio.”


Dear Dr. Wes,Thanks so much both for writing the book and for all of your help! The fiber program has been a blessing. I am on Step 2, and it has been going well. I am using Miralax and flax seed/Benefiber. My only concern is that now I am pregnant. Is it OK to continue the fiber program while I am pregnant? I am also concerned about the safety of Miralax during pregnancy. Is it better to take Miralax or a Magnesium product (Milk of Magnesia or Magnesium Citrate)? During my previous pregnancies, I had severe constipation problems due to iron supplements and spent time using each Miralax and Milk of Magnesia. Thank you very much for your time, and I appreciate your help!

Great to hear that you are doing well.


It would be best for you to discuss the fiber program recommendations with your OB-GYN doctor, but my expectaion that he/she would not have objections.


Dr. Wes

Sick to death of constipation? You probably ARE…

 Sick to death of constipation? You probably ARE…, July 27, 2009

By  CC Roberts, Ph.D. “Dr. CCR” (New York) - See all my reviews

Sick to death of constipation? You could be!

Cure Constipation Now…a groundbreaking new book by Dr. Wes Jones

How can I say this? Constipation could be killing you–it is a fact. And while the author makes no claims that his book can cure sexual problems, end obesity, and achieve world peace…I am not so sure. I have never been so surprised or thrilled with a book–and I generally read ten books a week. I know that Dr. Wes Jones’ groundbreaking ideas on curing constipation have saved my life, increased my vitality, protected my mental faculties, and transformed my daily living from lethargic and sludge-filled to exciting, vibrant, and LIGHT. Even though I am only a size two after years of careful dieting, I have never felt slim or “empty,” as Dr. Jones describes in what has become in the last two days the most stunning and surprising book I have ever read. And I was convinced that there was nothing to be done…what a fool I was.

I know that Cure Constipation Now will save my life and my brain–and that I will finally for the first time be comfortable in my own body. The book’s message is a miracle–and it is so fetchingly offered than even a self-described know-it-all like me finally listened. But in summary, this engaging book shows the way to end constipation and probably ward off cancer, digestive disorders, and even depression and perhaps Alzheimer’s through following his simple fiber plan. Isn’t this a tall order? Absolutely…but the information in Cure Constipation Now trumps all doubt that even those who think they are “regular” could be suffering from debilitating life-long constipation that is robbing them of health and a vibrant life. Did you know that normal bowel elimination means having THREE FOOT-LONG STOOLS a day that have NO ODOR? Neither did I! Dr. Jones states that anything SHORT of that is simply not healthy. But he also shows the way to achieve this in his interesting and compelling book. I couldn’t put it down.

With millions of baby-boomers looking forward to a long life and exciting and rewarding “golden age,” it is crucial that as we live longer we investigate the ways to rid our bodies of TOXIC ASSETS. We would never allow them in our portfolios, right? We refuse to accept air pollution. Why do the majority of us then permit this toxic pollution to remain inside our bodies, rotting and putrefying in our own intestines? WE DID NOT KNOW! Now that I do, I am so grateful to Dr. Jones and his fiber plan for showing me the way to remove the TOXIC DAM in my own guts. And after only the first day, the RELIEF was astronomical…and it is getting better by the day. His plan works–and he doesn’t make you suffer for months during the transition to health. My stomach is flat, and I feel EMPTY and clean for the first time in my life…and I LOVE IT!

My first reaction to hearing about Dr. Jones’ fiber plan was it wouldn’t work for me since I had tried various fiber supplements and cleanses over the years and had blown up like Violet Beauregarde in Willy Wonka. I just assumed that FIBER DID NOT WORK FOR ME–enough said…end of discussion. But I rarely had a bowel movement more than once a week, and when I traveled–NEVER.

Still having this non-glorious history, what exactly made me listen to Dr. Wes Jones wh: first, the last chapter caught my attention when Dr. Jones made a possible connection between chronic constipation and Alzheimer’s. My mother was diagnosed two years ago with Alzheimer’s and is the only person I know who has worse constipation than mine. That did if for me: I am terrified of Alzheimer’s. The second reason I flew through CURE CONSTIPATION NOW was the doctor’s incredibly savvy and understanding approach. When he said that people like me who tried fiber over the years and vowed that it only made the problem worse WERE RIGHT–my GOD, he had me. He then explained the importance of going at this slowly and of taking sufficient and proper, “good” laxatives during the transition until the fiber plan could be effective. A doctor who understands…mind-boggling.

For those of you who suffer from debilitating IBS and ulcerative colitis, I sympathize but help is also available for you in these pages. My son who goes to Princeton has two very close friends whose lives are nearly ruined by these disorders–and they are only in their early twenties. They are receiving two of the thirteen copies of Cure Constipation Now I have bought so far…

The deterioration in the level of health of Americans in the last century (along with the nearly suffocating obesity that is burying over half of our population in their own fat) is referenced constantly in the media. Dr. Jones makes a cogent argument that this loss of health is related to chronic constipation–which ties in with the trend started almost a hundred years ago to over-process our food and remove all substantive fiber content. Coincidentally, that is also when America started getting fat. Cure Constipation Now is the first book I have ever found that not only makes sense of this debacle, it outlines the workable solution in a convenient and easy to reference week-by-week guide. Further, Dr. Jones is careful to explain pitfalls and the danger of taking shortcuts. He got through to me–and a few days ago I would have said that was impossible.

I have a message for President Obama: If you want to overhaul health care in America, here is your answer: unplug American guts by following Dr. Wes Jones’ fiber plan, detailed in the book. Every medical insurance company should make reading this book a prerequisite to extending coverage. The savings in dollars, physical suffering, and lives would be astronomical. This book will throw health care on its BEHIND!

This is not just another “how-to” book. This is a miracle. As I sit here with flat belly and empty guts and a huge smile on my face–and still in my size two jeans in late afternoon, free of bloating and pain–I can only hope you will listen to me and end years of agony and self-inflicted poisoning by reading this book.

See? I admitted I was constipated…I just never knew that it was killing me until I read CURE CONSTIPATION NOW! Do yourself a favor–buy this book. Do your family and friends a favor and buy ten and pass them out. It may be the best present you ever give!

CC Roberts, Ph.D., New York.

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Doctor spreads fiber message nationwide

Doctor spreads fiber message nationwide


By Meredith Jacobs

When Dr. Wes Jones learns of a need to meet or a cause that needs help, you won’t find a man more willing to get the job done.

Jones, who is known in this community for making large donations to charitable causes, cares for Cumberland County residents through his local medical practice, Cape Fear Center for Digestive Diseases.

He also is a man of strong religious faith, which in the mid 1980s, led him to take on the responsibilities for a struggling medical clinic in the South American country of Bolivia. He recruited doctors to visit and treat its patients, then financially assisted the clinic, which had fallen into a crisis. Today, Jones is chairman of Curamericas Global Inc., which provides care to Central and South American and West African communities. He has been a member of Doctors Without Borders.

Needless to say, you won’t meet many people like him.

But for the past few years, Jones has been concentrating on a project closer to home. He wants to make sure that Americans learn about a dietary issue that seriously affects their health and comfort: the importance of fiber.

Jones’ patients have already had the benefit of “the fiber talk,” as they call it. Jones’ advocacy of fiber includes the use of products such as bran and Metamucil, but goes beyond that to address how to increase fiber in your diet.

Jones’ information is available in “Cure Constipation Now: A Doctor’s Fiber Therapy to Cleanse and Heal.” It will be released nationwide by Penguin Group on Tuesday.

He offers examples of how to deal with discomfort from constipation, diarrhea, Crohn’s disease, acid reflux and the painful symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

Locally, you won’t need a referral to talk to Jones. He will be at Books-A-Million at 2 p.m. on July 18.

Staff writer Meredith Jacobs can be reached at or 486-3542.