Dear Dr. Wes,Thanks so much both for writing the book and for all of your help! The fiber program has been a blessing. I am on Step 2, and it has been going well. I am using Miralax and flax seed/Benefiber. My only concern is that now I am pregnant. Is it OK to continue the fiber program while I am pregnant? I am also concerned about the safety of Miralax during pregnancy. Is it better to take Miralax or a Magnesium product (Milk of Magnesia or Magnesium Citrate)? During my previous pregnancies, I had severe constipation problems due to iron supplements and spent time using each Miralax and Milk of Magnesia. Thank you very much for your time, and I appreciate your help!

Great to hear that you are doing well.


It would be best for you to discuss the fiber program recommendations with your OB-GYN doctor, but my expectaion that he/she would not have objections.


Dr. Wes

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