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This works!, April 17, 2010

If you have constipation and you think you know all about fiber, read this book. As a health-conscious woman who has suffered from constipation since childhood, I could not figure out why all the usual constipation advice – fiber supplements, whole grains, bran, fruits and vegetables, water, exercise – never seemed to work for very long. In very accessible language, the author explains why, and he sketches out a regimen that progressively gets you to where you are making two regular, effortless, productive bathroom trips a day. I’ve been on the program for four months now and I am astonished at the results, and I started getting those results within the first week.

The author is a doctor specializing in gastroenterology who developed and fine-tuned the program over many years of working with patients with severe constipation and other GI problems. He’s not selling anything, everything you need you can get at the supermarket, he presents lots of fiber options with their pros and cons and shows sample combinations, and he gives very specific instructions on how to progress. It’s not difficult or impractical or time-consuming, and it really works.

I have always worked out to keep in shape, but by early afternoon my belly was always bloated. I couldn’t eat foods like beans or broccoli. All of that has changed; my belly stays flat all day, and I can eat what I like without gas pain or bloating. The constipation is gone; no more straining to crank out mere pellets. I had no idea how effortless it’s supposed to be. I highly recommend this book and this program.

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